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Does water dowsing really work?

Many people believe that water dowsing does not really work especially since many people say that it is a way in which you can use to find water that is underground. Tree People arborist report rates Water dowsing usually involves the claim that one can be able to locate different underground sources of water without necessarily having to use any of the scientific instruments that have been provided for this kind of job. What happens is that the person who is doing the water dowsing holds a rod or a forked stick and then walks around a given property hoping that the rod or the forked stick is going to twitch, dip or cross when he or she is walking over the water that is underground.  When this is done, the forked sticks and rods actually move but it is not usually as a result of something that is underground.  This is because this stick or rod is simply responding to the random movements that the person who is doing the water dowsing is making.

The forked sticks or the rods are normally held in a kind of an ISA unstable equilibrium with the main aim of ensuring that the small movements are amplified into a whole big movement. Another thing to note is that is that the movement of the forked stick or the rods do not really seem to be coming from the small vibrations that may be coming from the arms of the person who is performing the water dowsing. Due to this, people tend to say that the illogical leap of the forked stick or the log is normally made by something that is very powerful that cannot be seen like underground water. Many people, however, want water dowsing to work mainly because the digging of wells is considered to be very expensive and may also end up dry.  Another thing is that most of the scientific approaches that are available for people to use are usually very expensive.

An unstable equilibrium in water dowsing

Unstable equilibrium can best be defined as the state in which all the forces of a particular object tend to be canceled out but the slightest deviation from the point of this equilibrium causes the same object to fly off. If you are not able to understand the entire concept that usually comes with unstable equilibrium, some may end up saying that there is underground water available only on one particular side but this is not the case.

In many different areas of the world, water dowsing actually seems to work especially when the dowser picks the right location which he or she is able to point out, this in most cases usually leads to a productive well. 

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